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Dongguan Wandful Green-Tech. Co. Ltd. is a technological innovation enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and integration of smart sorting equipment. Have core technology research and development strength; have an artisan spirit team; customer customized products; benefit sharing supply chain model; intimate pre-sales and after-sales service. These factors, as the cornerstone of Wandefu Company, have rapidly developed into a manufacturing enterprise of high-quality smart sorting equipment in a short period of time.

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Wandful organically combines environmental protection equipment according to customer needs, tailoring systems to suit customer needs

Waste plastic sorting + recycling program
Date:2018-03-28 Waste plastic sorting + recycling program

Description - In general, the recycling rate of waste plastics processed is relatively high. They have a clear variety, a clear amount of fillers, a low degree of contamination, a performance close to that of the original material, a small amount of pretr

"Recycled Plastic" Marches to...

"Recycled Plastic" Marches to the Olympics Again, Gaining Increasing Prominence

Title: Introduction to Research Progress of Waste Plastic Sorting Technologies (Part 5) ——Solvent Separation
Title: Introduction to Resear...

This technology primarily leverages the differences in the solubility of various types of plastics in the same solvent to achieve the separation and recovery of different types of waste plastics

Introduction to Research Progress of Waste Plastic Sorting Technologies-Optical Sorting
Introduction to Research Prog...

Optical sorting is one of the essential methods in the waste plastic sorting process, primarily utilizing the spectral differences among different types of plastics. Currently, optical sorting includes various techniques such as infrared spectroscopy sorting, X-ray fluorescence sorting (XRF sorting), Raman spectrosc...